4 Ways To Manifest a Better Life Until Your Trust fund Kicks In

Three months is a long time to wait until you never have to worry about money again. Don’t worry! Follow these tips to live your best life until you turn 21 and join the 1%.

1. Practice Gratitude By Being Thankful For Your Shabby Tribeca Loft

The key to having a super amazing life is to be thankful for the life you have now. Sure, your apartment only has three skylights and your doorman isn’t cute but it won’t be like this in three more months. So look around at the Tribeca loft your parents bought you and say thank you, universe.

2. Visualize Your Future Outfit For Your Forbes Magazine Cover

Be specific if you’ll have bangs or not. Front bangs or side bangs? Tiffany earrings or David Yurman? Louboutins or a sensible Chanel flats ? This is your chance to show America what a young CEO who started with only a few millions looks like.

3. Meditate On Your Desires When Your Masseuse Asks For Time Off

While she’s talking about spending time with her family that she hasn’t seen three years, it’s your chance to really focus on what you want in life. Is it love? Diamond encrusted pizza? Harry Styles releasing doves whenever you enter a room? Do a little soul searching while you have the chance to think about yourself.

3. Practice Self Care By Fucking On Your Parent’s Yacht

Being anxious and not getting laid won’t get you your trust fund faster. In between worrying about if your future infinity pool will give you vertigo and what color should your jet’s carpet be, you’re going to be super stressed out. Get rid of that extra stress and bang your ex from prep school.

4. Be Generous & Share Financial Advice With Your Public School Friend

Reach out to that girl (Hannah or Anna?) who let you sit with her at lunch that day you visited public school. Share your knowledge of tax loopholes and the best beaches for your offshore accounts. When you share, you always get more back (except money).


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